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Service on demand to meet your project needs.

We understand that construction projects are constantly changing. Timelines are critical and our goal is to provide quality service to meet your deadlines. 

Our Services

Ground Penetrating Radar-Used for locating sub-surface objects in concrete and masonry structures. Floor Flatness Verification-Verification of concrete slabs to ensure they meet project requirements for flatness and levelness. Ultrasonic Testing-A non-destructive volumetric examination allowing the detection of internal flaws. Magnetic Particle Testing- A non-destructive testing examination for detecting surface and slightly subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials Special Inspections-Spray Applied FireproofingPaint/Primer Application VerificationHigh-Strength Bolt VerificationEpoxy InstallationPost-installed anchorsPull TestingWelding Inspection-CWI Services including Welder Qualifications, Weld Procedures

Why use us?

Our company has the flexibility to schedule projects on the same day in most cases. We believe in making sure our technicians are trained, qualified, and experienced in the methods of testing you need. Our goal is to ensure the project is completed on time and per applicable standards with team work, good communication skills, and attention to detail.Our rates are competitive to others in the industry. We strive to be competitive because we want to establish long term client relationships. 


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